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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service:

Ownership of the Foreign Shipping/Mailing Address

The actual shipping address/mailing address is the property of IBC and not the customer

Access to the Shipping/Mailing Address

Access to the Shipping/Mailing address (hereinafter collectively referred to as “shipping address”) is restricted solely to IBC personnel. The customer is not permitted physical access to the said shipping address and is only permitted to have packages/mail (hereinafter collectively referred to as “mail”) sent to the shipping address and to receive the said mail via the delivery services of IBC.

Prohibited Mail

The customer shall not use or permit the shipping address to be used for the purposes of sending, delivering or storing items of unusual intrinsic value such as cash, negotiable securities, jewelry, furs and the like.

The customer agrees to use the shipping address service only for lawful purposes.

Limitation of Liability

(a) IBC will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any mail from suppliers or vendors before they arrive and are signed for at the shipping address.

 (b) Except as otherwise provided for in Paragraph 5 below, whilst the mail is in the possession of IBC or IBC’s agents, IBC will not be liable for loss or damage of any kind.

 (c) Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, IBC shall not be liable for;

           (i) Lost, damaged or misdelivered mail;

           (ii) Delays in the delivery of the mail;

           (iii) Consequential loss, such as loss of income, interest or business investment opportunities as a result of lost, damaged, destroyed or misdelivered mail; or as a result of delays in the delivery of the mail; or as a result of the negligence of IBC.

(d) The Customer has appointed IBC to act as agent for the purposes of passing the Customer’s goods through Bermuda customs (hereafter termed “the Agency Arrangement”).

 The Customer acknowledges that, as part of the Agency Arrangement, IBC will submit information on behalf of the Customer to Bermuda customs. The Customer further acknowledges that it is a criminal offence to provide false and/or inaccurate information to Bermuda customs.

The Customer accordingly undertakes to provide IBC all necessary and relevant information to allow the Company to clear the Customer’s goods through Bermuda customs (“the Undertaking”). The Customer further warrants that any and all such information will be true and accurate (“the Warranty”).

The Customer agrees to keep IBC fully indemnified against all actions, claims, costs, expenses (whether legal costs or otherwise), damages, fines (whether criminal or civil in nature) brought against or suffered by IBC arising out of any breach of the Undertaking or Warranty.

 In addition, the Customer agrees to immediately reimburse and compensate IBC upon demand for all and any fines or damages paid by IBC to compromise or settle any claim or prosecution by Bermuda customs against the Company arising out of any or any alleged breach of the Warranty or Undertaking.

 The Customer also agrees that any fines or damages, paid by IBC to compromise or settle any claim or prosecution by Bermuda customs against IBC arising out of any or any alleged breach of the Warranty or Undertaking, may be debited from any credit card that the Customer provided to IBC to settle the charges for processing their shipments.


It is agreed that the total liability of IBC shall be limited, in any event, to the sum of $100.00. In addition, IBC provides insurance coverage for shipments with a value not exceeding $5000.00. In the event that lost or damaged mail exceeds the $100 provided for by IBC, it is the customer’s responsibility to file any claim with IBC in writing so that IBC can seek indemnification from the insurance company on the customer’s behalf. Separate insurance arrangements must be made by the customer for shipments over a value of $5000.00. If shipments arrive damaged, they will be inspected for adequate packaging consistent with the type of merchandise being sent. If, in IBC’s opinion, packaging is not adequate, insurance coverage may be revoked for that shipment.

Time Limit for Claims

IBC shall not be liable to pay any compensation per paragraph 5 hereof, to the customer unless written claims are made within the following time frames, dependent upon the nature of the claim:

(a) 14 days of the delivery of the customer’s mail claimed to be received damaged

 (b) 28 days of arrival of the goods into the Zipx shipping address as evidenced by a proof of delivery at the Zipx shipping address if a claim for loss is being made.

Taxes, Customs Duties, Customs Clearance

Charges & Exchange Rates

(a) The customer agrees to pay all taxes and Customs duties imposed by the Government of Bermuda, the Government of the United States, the Government of Canada and the Government of the United Kingdom or any other government or country in respect of the customer’s mail or goods.

(b) The customer agrees to pay any Customs clearance charges imposed by IBC or their agents in respect of the customer’s mail.

(c) IBC reserves the right to adjust its charges to reflect any significant fluctuation in the exchange rates and the customer agrees to pay any such additional charges in respect of the customer’s mail.

Hazardous Material

Any items deemed hazardous will not be allowed on the plane. The Customer will be requested to make alternative arrangements. Failing to do so within 28 days of advisement may result in your goods being discarded.

Collection of Packages

Packages received by IBC and not collected within 30 days, when the customer has been notified of the package arrival, will be disposed of by IBC without liability to reimburse for the charges associated with those packages.

Payment for Services

(a) The customer authorizes IBC to charge his/her credit/debit card for all charges associated with the Zipx service including membership, shipping charges, Customs duties and any other charges arising from use of this service.

(b) The customer agrees to pay IBC for the personal forwarding service even though the mail received may have been unsolicited by the customer (e.g. junk mail), may have been received in a damaged condition or fails to correspond with the items the customer ordered.

(c) Shipping rates are subject to change without notice.

(d) In the event that payment is not received in accordance with its terms, IBC may, as an option, turn the outstanding account over to an attorney or collection agency for collection and there shall be added to the amount due, the attorney’s fees or collection agency’s charges.


The proper forum and jurisdiction for any and all legal action that result from this agreement or the services provided by IBC shall be Bermuda.