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Become a ZipX member and receive your own U.S. shipping address. ZipX provides fast, friendly and affordable shipping to Bermuda. Shop online and Zip it with ZipX!

No Sales Tax

As a ZipX member, you enjoy 0% sales tax at checkout with your own Delaware, U.S. shipping address.

Extremely Fast

Receive your online purchases quickly. Your Shipments are processed and sent on a flight to Bermuda within 24 hours of arrival to your U.S. address.

Right In Your Pocket

Upload invoices and track your shipments using the handy ZipX app, available from the app store on iPhone and Android.

Delivery or Pickup

Choose island-wide delivery straight to your door, or collect packages from our convenient Express Centre in Hamilton.

People First

At ZipX it’s not just about the packages, it’s about the people. Our experienced and friendly team always puts our clients first.

Your Shipping Partner

As part of the IBC network, we offer access to major global gateways including New York, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Hong Kong.

About Us

Bermuda’s trusted shipping service

For over 23 years ZipX has provided Bermuda residents with fast and secure deliveries from overseas. We work hard to ensure reasonable shipping rates and excellent customer service for our valued ZipX members.

We’re dedicated to bringing the world closer to you by seamlessly uniting Bermuda residents with their coveted overseas products. At ZipX, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, offering competitive shipping rates, unparalleled customer service, and a seamless experience that transcends mere logistics. As a valued ZipX member, you’re not just receiving a package – you’re becoming part of a narrative that celebrates global connections and unwavering satisfaction. Join us in redefining international shipping; join ZipX today.

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We Have Customs On Site!

With Customs in the same facility, we can process your packages more efficiently and deliver them to you faster.

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